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Core Languages

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Interpretation and Translation Services
Localization and Translation Services

Translation services have taken on new importance in the worldwide economy, because they encompass all aspects of communications: online and offline documents, websites, digital media and printed materials. They are a key to solving both globalization and localization issues through a multi-layered process that goes well beyond the bounds of word-for-word translation.

Assignments go through an exhaustive eleven stage process which is executed by skilled specialists under the supervision of a professional project manager. Applications include legal documentation, financial statements, technical manuals, marketing communications, training materials and more.

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Multilingual Quality Assurance Consulting Solutions

One hidden pitfall of business globalization has been the lack of attention paid to making workforces globally capable. NetworkOmni’s MQASolutionssm address this need with a comprehensive array of services designed to help your employees effectively transition into the worldwide economy. These services are consultative, collaborative and practical. They touch upon such topics as adapting training materials, and system user interfaces, protecting intellectual property, and promoting cultural sensitivity. And they are reinforced with language proficiency testing, performance reviews and ongoing monitoring.

Some companies manage to survive in this global economy. Others thrive in it. At NetworkOmni, we’re well prepared to help you thrive...

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Over-the-Phone Interpretation - OPI:

Through our strategic partnership with Language Line®, we offer advanced, on-demand and scheduled OPI services worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in more than 170 languages. Highly trained OPI professionals provide clients with a gateway to the entire world via dedicated toll-free access.

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Video Remote: (ASL & Spanish) Through our strategic partnership with Language Line®, communicate with your deaf and Spanish-speaking customers, on demand for in-person situations (meetings, doctor visits, therapy, court proceedings, etc.)

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