Localization, Translation and Customization

Think about the written word and how important a tool it is every day the correspondence; the financial, legal and compliance documentation; the web communications. Now think about giving all those tools your special voice a voice that will be understood and accepted in other languages and cultures.

Secure, Reliable and Accurate Translation

NetworkOmni has been setting industry standards for nearly 28 years. We assure the protection of our clients with comprehensive insurance coverage and confidentiality compliance that are models for the industry to follow - and our team is fully bonded. While you would expect the same from any language service company, NetworkOmni goes a step further by honing its project professionals’ process management skills to a fine edge, ensuring the synchronization and on-time/on-budget completion of every element in your translation portfolio. All our translation professionals are backed by a highly skilled team specializing in such disciplines as cultural nuance, editing and proofreading, design, desktop publishing, process management and compliance.

Features & Benefits

  • Network of qualified and accredited translators, localizers and editors matched to project type.
  • Assigned account-specific translation/localization teams for consistency and familiarity.
  • Assigned project managers coordinate and guide all aspects of translation/localization process.
  • Translations in over 100 core languages.
  • Quick, accurate and confidential service assurance.
  • LISA QA system.
  • 24-hour quote response program.
  • Electronic quoting, billing and document transfer capabilities.
  • Online project management with secure client logins and status reporting.
  • Document and Content management, including version tracking of previously translated content.
  • Use of state of the art Translation Memory tools and processes and Automatic Translation (CAT and MT).
  • Customer-specific glossary, keywords, style guide creation and maintenance.
  • Internationalization and Localization consulting during product development to avoid costly redesign.
  • Full Localization including cultural adaptation to different markets.
The growing population of non-English speaking people at home presents a significant language barrier. Access a variety of services vital to your ability deliver quality care, enhanced patient/member commutations and increase compliance, including:

Language proficiency testing: To validate the language proficiency of your employees, we provide oral and written language testing and rating services. In a clear and comprehensive report, you will learn the overall proficiency level of each employee, along with a rating measurement that defines specific areas of strengths and weaknesses. This program will enhance your ability to make hiring and work assignment decisions for multilingual employees.

Content: From documentation through legal to promotional and beyond, NetworkOmni has the capacity to turn your English-language materials into culturally relevant content for the diverse communities. Capabilities include research, technical writing, writing document creation and management, editing and proofing.

Managed Services: reduce cost, workload and time required for message, usage and cultural analysis and increase quality, consistency and impact.

Website: Enhance your site and other digital access tools to ensure their viability in the multi-cultural neighborhoods.

Branding: Weigh how your corporate identity is likely to make the transition into the cultures of your member population and offer recommendations for changes where advisable.