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Getting It, In Writing.

Barriers are falling. Technology has made it easier for everyone to communicate, no matter where in the world they do business. But a lot of barriers are still in the way, and frequently, one of the biggest is the written word. How can you make sure your communications will be effective in the markets you’ve targeted? NetworkOmni® is well-positioned to help you make sure they will be.

Translation and Customization

Think about the written word and how important a tool it is every day — the correspondence; the financial, legal and compliance documentation; the technical manuals, software documentation, educational and training materials; the web communications, marketing and advertising materials; the packaging and labeling. Now think about giving all those tools your special voice — a voice that will be understood and accepted in other languages — and recognized as uniquely your own.

Daunting? Yes. Too much to handle? Not when NetworkOmni is on your side. We are highly proficient in all aspects of translating written, printed and digital materials for use in markets across the globe.

Translation and Localization

Getting your printed materials over language barriers will require more than just a word-for-word translation. It will require sensitivity to the local culture and an understanding of regional subtext—tastes, preferences, influences. A baseball metaphor will mean something in the United States, but nothing in most of the rest of the world.

Localization also encompasses the technical details that separate other cultures from our own: time/date display, numeric display and page layout. That’s why NetworkOmni pays special attention to local relevance. It’s the best way to assure a truly global influence for our translation clients.

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