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Core Languages

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Translation and Localization
Features & Benefits

  • Network of qualified and accredited translators, localizers and editors matched to project type.
  • Assigned account-specific translation/localization teams for consistency and familiarity.
  • Assigned project managers coordinate and guide all aspects of translation/localization process.
  • Translations in over 100 core languages.
  • Quick, accurate and confidential service assurance.
  • LISA QA system.
  • 24-hour quote response program.
  • Electronic quoting, billing and document transfer capabilities.
  • Online project management with secure client logins and status reporting.
  • Document and Content management, including version tracking of previously translated content.
  • Use of state of the art Translation Memory tools and processes and Automatic Translation (CAT and MT).
  • Customer-specific glossary, keywords, style guide creation and maintenance.
  • Internationalization and Localization consulting during product development to avoid costly redesign.
  • Full Localization including cultural adaptation to different markets.
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