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Testing with Real-World Relevance

With MQASolutions, you can customize your quality assurance programs to address the specialized needs of your multilingual employees. Working closely with your training professionals, we will adapt your instructional materials and system user interfaces for the language(s) you serve, being especially careful that they are culturally appropriate and relevant to your audience.
Protection of your terminology: Always mindful of the value of your proprietary interests —your product names, descriptive phrases and promotional verbiage —we will develop a customized style guide to ensure their consistent usage in all communications.

Awareness of cultural nuances: We will train your multilingual employees to pay special attention to any cultural lines that might cause offense if inadvertently crossed during the communications process.

Attention to customized instruction:  We will provide consulting services to multilingual trainers on the policies and procedures that have unique relevance within your organization —from the use of company software to the application of customer service techniques — enhancing the quality standards for your multilingual customers. We will work with you to adapt your training programs and develop additional components to address vital issues of language and culture.
Quality with Measurable Results

How can you be certain employees are properly providing the services you’ve envisioned? NetworkOmni can help you there too, with a variety of multilingual performance evaluations.
Language proficiency testing: To validate the language proficiency of your employees, we provide oral and written language testing and rating services. In a clear and comprehensive report, you will learn the overall proficiency level of each employee, along with a rating measurement that defines specific areas of strengths and weaknesses. This program will enhance your ability to make hiring and work assignment decisions for multilingual employees.

Performance reviews: These reviews utilize our multilingual evaluation specialists, who become well versed in your company’s specific protocols and guidelines. This service provides you with a complete analysis of each of your multilingual employee’s performance.

Ongoing monitoring: This service includes thorough and continuing quality monitoring. NetworkOmni will work with you to design and develop a program that provides you with an efficient and cost-effective means to gain a clear understanding of your employees’ performance levels.
Quality You Can Use Now

The greatest lesson of competing in the global economy may be this: success is not defined by oceans, mountains or lines on a map, but by the ability to reach a multilingual audience with a single voice—anywhere they live, next door or next continent.

To learn how these solutions can be put to work for your company, contact us now.